Friday, September 29, 2006

Purgatory Recap

I forgot to recap what I found when I regained access to my files yesterday. Here's a list of bullet points I sent to DreamHost:
  • The only offending file I could find was in the /incoming folder on the FTP server. So the claim that "there were a large amount of copyrighted movies on that FTP server" by Christian was false. There was 1, undownloadable, file.
  • This is a publicly accessible incoming folder on an anonymous FTP site. The anonymous FTP settings in the DreamHost panel even provides detailed instructions on how to set up an incoming directory. So allowing anonymous uploads is supported by DreamHost.
  • The incoming directory is configured to allow uploads only, no downloads. The whole purpose of this is to prevent the illegal transferring of files.
  • Had I seen this file in the incoming folder, I would have deleted it, because like DreamHost, I do not support to sharing of copyrighted material. Unfortunately my account was hastefully suspended before I ever had a chance to take any action on it.
  • How does DreamHost suggest I prevent this type of thing from happening in the future?
  • Why does DreamHost even allow users to have anonymous uploads on their FTP sites if they are going to punish them based on what's uploaded out of their control?
If they ever respond, I'll be sure to post their answer.

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Anonymous said...

It's the exact same with any other company hosted in the States, get used to it.